Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seta Silk Scarf

This scarf was done with Setasilk paint. The nice thing about Setasilk is that you do not have to steam the scarf. You set the paint by ironing it and then letting it cure for 2 days. A whole lot easier. The paint does not flow the way the dye does so I usually make smaller shapes. My order came in from Dharma Trading Co. so I am all set to get to work.


  1. oh my gosh!
    it is gorgeous! i love the pattern you created!

  2. Wow, very detailed work, and beautiful!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jeanne! Shih Tzu's are cute, too. A friend who was an "internet" friend until I met her in person last year got one last year. His name is Benji and he's so cute but also a little stinker! She texts me when he eats the garden! I don't have a little puggie yet but am looking for a little girl to whom I can give a forever home.

  4. Thanks so much for visiting me! Yes, I agree with you on the joy of making art - for me art makes live worth living! I absolutely love this design - I love your work and put you on my blog as a link! Kartika
    Also, I have some articles on my Hug Pages on the subject:

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