Thursday, December 17, 2009

It is with a very, very sad heart that I have to tell you this devastating news.
On Thursday, December 10th my dearest, most wonderful friend Jennifer past away from an aneurysm. She was only 41 years old. She was bubbly, happy and truly funny. She was my mentor and encouraged me to go on. Every day when I walked into the store the first words out of my mouth were "Hi everyone, where's Jennifer?" She always had a smile and a great "Hi Jeanne" my day had begun and I was happy because she was happy. I truly loved her with all my heart. I see her beautiful face wherever I look. How can we go on but go on we must. She would be very angry with us if we stopped working. She is survived by her beautiful 8 year old daughter and her wonderful husband, her extraordinary parents and her dear brother. Jennifer loved her family so much. She loved her friends and her co workers and she loved life. Oh how we will miss her, everyday for the rest of our lives she will be with us in spirit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

I was teaching this morning when Jennifer came into the class to tell me someone had just bought 5 scarves. WOW... I came home and decided to order more silk and was so disappointed when they told me the 14 " x 72" was back ordered and wouldn't come in for another three weeks. Oh my I was seriously depressed. So I will do the 11"x 60" and I also ordered some 11" x 11" and one silk and wool blend to try. I think I will like trying this one. Expect some new scarves in the gallery by Tuesday or maybe even by Saturday.