Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seta Silk Scarf

This scarf was done with Setasilk paint. The nice thing about Setasilk is that you do not have to steam the scarf. You set the paint by ironing it and then letting it cure for 2 days. A whole lot easier. The paint does not flow the way the dye does so I usually make smaller shapes. My order came in from Dharma Trading Co. so I am all set to get to work.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leaves on silk Crepe de chine

I finished this last night. It is different in that I left the background a very, very light gray. It is 8" x 55". by leaving the background light and not adding any color to it made the leaves look as if they are just floating. Love the look.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mexican Sunflowers with Bluegreen Leaves

Again a silk satin scarf measuring about 11" x 50". Gorgeous rich colors make this scarf a winner. It will be part of my November show.

Colorful Dots Silk Satin Scarf

I loved doing this abstract design. Multi colored will make this scarf wonderful to wear with all different outfits. It measures about 11" x 50" inches. I say" about "because they are never exactly to the inch.

Green and Gold Silk Satin Scarf

This scarf has a glow about it. It measures about 11" x 50" and gives the appearance of being an underwater scene. It also will be in the November show.

Red and Yellow Sunflower,

This 11' x 50" Habotai silk scarf is a favorite of mine. I started it with a light sketch using the red dye. I then waxed in some major shapes and continued painting, adding red, orange and yellow dye. This scarf will be in my November show at EW Poore Art Gallery

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Scarves

Here are six new scarves I have just finished and today I took them to EW Poore Art Studio to sell. The colors are so beautiful and they are so silky feeling. They sell for $35 each.